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You know, I think Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s finale episode, “All Good Things,” was one of the few finales that I felt was a proper send off to the series it ended.  Let’s be honest, Buffy’s finale stunk and Angel’s finale killed Wesley, which I’ll never forgive.  Yeah, he came back in the comic, but still.  It’s not the same.  Most of our favorite shows never actually made it to proper finales – the Trek shows (all but the original) have the fortunate distinction of all being able to have proper finales, even though Enterprise had to end their run a couple of years earlier than expected.

Why the hell am I talking about ST:TNG’s finale episode when the cast you see above is most definitely not Trek’s?  Well, Ron Moore, the writer of what is arguably the best Trek finale we’ve seen, is also the writer of this friday’s Battlestar Galactica finale, “Daybreak.”  This Friday, at 9PM, my favorite currently running TV show will come to an end.  Daybreak part 1 was pretty much a set up for this final episode, where Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) decides to take what remains of the Galactica to the Cylon stronghold, where Helo and Athena’s daughter Hera is being held by the Cylon’s – she is, after all, the first human/cylon child.

Not sure how they’re planning to wrap up all the open storylines not yet resolved.

  • Will Tyrol ever find out that Tory killed Cally?
  • What the hell is Starbuck?  Is she the daughter of Daniel, the Cylon model that got scrapped?  If so, how did she come back from the dead? (my guess? She is Daniel.)
  • Will anyone survive?
  • Where are the survivors going to live?  After all, Earth is unlivable.
  • How is it that the five priests who worshipped “the one whose name cannot be spoken” are the five initial skinjob Cylons?
  • Why do Roslin, Hera, Boomer, and Six all share the same dream?
  • Will Laura Roslin finally die already?

So many questions, and with only two hours to answer them, I’m a little hesitant to believe that all will get resolved.  Still, we’ll all see this Friday won’t we?

Friday.  9Pm.  SciFi Channel (it’s not SyFy yet)

2 thoughts on “All Good Things….

  1. Buffy had two series conclusions both of which were great. Wesley had one of the best lines of a dying character EVER matched only by Lindsay’s dying line which happened in the same episode, so it was a great conclusion as well.

    The Wire has a fantastic conclusion that I won’t spoil here. But the show with the best conclusion ever is actually Newhart, where Bob Newhart’s character wakes up in the middle of the night back on the sest of the Bob Newhart show (his previous show) along side the wife from that show. The new show was all a dream. That is the only instance ever where “it was a dream” is not only acceptable but awesome.

  2. Angel’s plot finale sucked. Angel’s character wrap up finale was awesome.

    Same for the second Buffy finale. They killed Anya, which I can’t forgive.

    I have a great many reservations about the ending. We’ll see what happens.

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