FtB Host, Dan Repperger, works the room at FtC2's World Wide Wing Night.

I had a terrific time at last night’s World Wide Wing Night, Fear The Con’s pre-con social event.  Here’s how it works.  Gamers.  Wings.  Beer. Cigars.

Brilliant combination.

A lot of us gamer types are not the most sociable people in the world despite the fact that we are engaged in a hobby that’s all about talking to one another.  One of the guys at  Wing Night clarified that you can tell which of us geeks are extroverts.  They look at your shoes when they’re talking instead of their own.  Wing Night, then, is a terrific opportunity to get everybody talking and familiar with one another.  I believe it was key to last year’s successful con and if last night was any indication, FtC2 is gonna rock it hard.

I didn’t take a head count, but there were probably 50 or so people in attendance.

Fear The Boot’s co-host, Chad, gave a Cigar 101 last night in which he taught folks how to choose, cut, light, and smoke a cigar.  I found Chad’s instruction and lecture to be spot on, which concerned me a bit.  I am not used to agreeing with Chad!

I had an opportunity to visit with Chris Hussey, FtB co-host, and his wife Julie quite a bit last night.  They introduced me to my very first Irish Car Bomb (Guinness stout, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Jameson’s Whiskey – Note to wife: James was our designated driver).  Mmm-mm-good!  Chris and Julie?  Them’s good peeps!

I also visited with Shaun, the gamer who passed out at my table last year.  Nice guy.

Games start in less than two hours.  Woot!

After the con tonight, there’s a Watchmen viewing party… too cool!

I’ll be posting lots more about FtC2.  Stay tuned to IoM as well as my Twitter feed.

James argues how the Marvel Super Heroes RPG is superior to the DC Heroes RPG. This then is a picture of James being wrong.