The true power behind the Podge Cast, Luke Meyer's "magnificent" beard!

While in Saint Louis this past weekend, Adam “A. David” Pinilla (Podge Cast) invited me and others over to his place.  We arrived to find Luke Meyer (Podge Cast), Tony Mast (Backseat Producers), and Adam playing cards.  Immediately, I was given my man-hug from Brother P.

We spent the evening drinking beer, bourbon, and some of Luke’s homemade wine (good stuff) while sharing stories about games and thoughts on game mechanics.  It was the nerdiest night of conversation I have had outside of a comic book convention awards dinner.

God, it was great!

We talked a lot about sandbox games.  And games we’re running.  Games we want to run.

Adam and I really bonded, I think, when talked about our junk.

“Hey, honey!” Adam cried out across the room to wife Melina, “Aron’s got three testicles, too!”

Good times.

Melina is a saint, by the way.  She was graciously welcoming and hospitable to all these strangers in her home.  What a nice lady.  She even introduced us Texas boys to White Castle.  But when the effects were felt the day after, I wondered if I hadn’t done something anger her.

I met Tony and Luke last year, so I’ve known all along what magnificent man-flesh they are.  Adam, though, I have only chatted with via email, Twitter, and Skype.  Y’know… now that I think about it, I talk to this guy almost every day about something.  I talk to Adam more than I talk to my brother!  So it should come as no surprise that I found him to be every bit as genuine and hilarious in person as he is via internets.

All three of these guys, Tony Mast, Luke, and Adam?  They are amazing guys to hang with.  Funny.  Insightful.  Tender and moist with just the right amount of asshole.  Y’know, for spice.

I also made a new friend in “Grungy” Dan.  Cool guy even if he does wear a skirt.

Good times.  Gotta do that again.

Left to Right... Front Row: James and Adam. Back Row: Josh, Luke, Aron (me), Tony, and Grungy Dan

8 thoughts on “Your Morning Head: Partying Down with 1/2 of the Podge & 100% of BSP

  1. Two things. Luke has his beard because mine was shaved off.

    Second, on W3N6 they played some serious techno for a time. All it made me think of was Daniel Perez in his kilt dancing at the White Wolf Gen Con party.

  2. It looks like Luke is past the patchy beard stage but from these photos it appears the facial hair is for some reason afraid of the mid-cheek area.

    I can also attest to how cool Luke and Adam are. I’m looking forward to hanging with out with them again in June.

  3. That was an awesome party. Just my style…low-key, chilled, and I got to kick back and geek out with folks I don’t get to see anywhere near enough.

    Texans and Grungydan, I salute you!

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