The Pault KeeperTrying to figure out how to spend your hard-earned cash this week? You know you wait with baited breath for your Tuesday Best Buy visit and your Wednesday comic shop visit! Well, here’s a list of the good stuff coming out this week – don’t waste your money on anything else!

Well…instead of seeing Watchmen for the fifth time, hit your local comic shop or your Best Buy for the goodies coming out this week!

Have a seat and let The Pault Keeper help you figure out…

The Crap You Should Buy

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Battle for the Cowl #1BATMAN BATTLE FOR THE COWL #1 (OF 3) (DC)
Finally, the Battle for the Cowl begins!  We’ve been told this is DC’s equivalent of a big summer blockbuster – lots of big action and fighting.  Let’s hope they make good on that promise.  This is the series where we get to find out who the next Batman is!
Green Lantern Corps #34GREEN LANTERN CORPS #34 (DC)
The series so good it makes you want to slap yo’ mama.  This issue continues the build up for “Blackest Night,” as Mongul takes over Daxam and the Sinestro Corps – of course Sinestro’s not too happy about that.
Resident Evil #1 from DC ComicsRESIDENT EVIL #1 (OF 6) (DC/Wildstorm)
Hopefully this’ll be better than the last round of Resident Evil comics from the 90’s.  Still, Wildstorm has been pretty serious about their licensed properties lately, and all have been quality titles.  This series is a prequel to Resident Evil 5, telling the story of what led Chris Redfield to Africa.
G.I. Joe Movie Prequel #1G.I. Joe Movie Prequel #1 (IDW Publishing)
The movie looks really damn good, doesn’t it? IDW has been doing pretty good with their Star Trek prequel.  I’m still not 100% sold on their G.I. Joe reboot right now, but since this ties in to the movie, I can imagine that it has the potential to be really good.


The Transporter 3Transporter 3 (Blu)
If you liked the first two Transporter films, there’s a lot to like in part 3, which is actually a LOT better than the abysmal part 2.  Still, if you’re looking for smart witty Jason Statham, like you’re used to from the Guy Ritchie films, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  Dumb action at it’s best, the Transporter films are basically known for silly storylines, but pretty good action.  If you like things going ka-blooie, pick it up.
Pinnochio Blu-RayPinocchio -70th Anniversary Edition (Blu)
The Disney Blu-Ray for Sleeping Beauty proved that, no matter how old a flick is, with the right team working on it, it can look new again.  Pinocchio isn’t the easiest Disney film to sit through – it drags in places and it’s actually pretty depressing for a good portion of the film, but if you like Disney films, or remember Pinocchio being that film as a kid that you just loved, this is definitely worth picking up.  It actually comes with a regular DVD edition of the film, which is cool.  Especially since, you know, HD-DVD did that from the start (R.I.P.).
Batman Blu-RayBatman: Motion Picture Anthology (Blu)
The Tim Burton Batman movies finally come to Blu-Ray this week and early word is that they look spectacular.  Still, there’s a catch.  The only way to get Batman Returns, undoubtedly the best looking of the series, is in this box set, which includes the two Batman films you promised you’d never see again.  If all you want is the first one, you can get it separately.
Howard the Duck!Howard the Duck (DVD)
I haven’t seen Howard the Duck in YEARS, since I wore out my VHS tape.  I take back what I said in my Watchmen reviewHoward the Duck is the greatest comic movie of all time!  Ha…kidding.  But I do love this movie.  It’s only about 10 bucks, and has some decent bonus features!  And duck nudity!

Video Games

Resident Evil 5Resident Evil 5 (PS3 or Xbox 360…haha…Wii sucks!)
Assuming you don’t win it in our contest, this is the much anticipated new game in the Resident Evil series!

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