With the announcement of Escape From Wonderland, we thought we’d hit Raven Gregory up for any more information he could give us about the upcoming end to Zenescope’s Wonderland Trilogy.

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The cover to Beyond Wonderland #6

What can you tell us about the story?
The story takes place a couple months after the events of Beyond Wonderland #6.  Calie has returned to the Liddle home prepared to once again enter wonderland intent on getting her daughter back no matter what the costs.  Where in Return to Wonderland Calie was reacting to events around her, and in Beyond Wonderland she was running away from her destiny, here, in Escape she’s accepted who she is in all this and she is done messing around.  Her attitude is one of take no prisoners and the scared little girl she used to be is long gone and not coming back any time soon.

I figure there will be a zero issue – do you know when that’s coming out and how long after the series itself will start?
Issue 0 will be out in July and the series kicks off full steam the following month of August.

Is it going to pretty much be the same art team as Beyond Wonderland?
Yup, the original creative, myself, Dan Leister, and Nei Ruffino are back to bring it home.

What are you looking forward to most about this one?
There’s a lot of loose ends that most readers didn’t realize were loose ends that we’ll be tying up with this series.  Things that happened in the first series come around full circle and the ending is just going to blow a lot of people away.  There’s just so much good stuff that it’d be really hard to say what I’m looking forward to most.  But I think of all of it I’m looking forward to some of the new creatures that will be making their appearance in this series as the visuals we’re setting up are going to be really amazing in a way I don’t think people have seen before.

I don’t think it’s been announced yet, but what plans are there for a Beyond Wonderland hardcover?
The Beyond Wonderland Hardcover will be in stores in May and the soft cover Trade of the first series, Return to Wonderland, in July.  We’ll be throwing a ton of cool exclusive content in the hardcover as well as some never before seen content that I think people will really dig.

The cover to Escape From Wonderland #0 - Click to see it bigger!
The cover to Escape From Wonderland #0 - click to see it full size!