Zenescope Teases FLY!

We’re a little late to the game on this … but any trailer where WE’RE QUOTED is certainly worth repeat viewing.  In a recent episode of Funnybooks, Wayne and I talked about our love of Zenescope’s upcoming series Fly, written by friend of IoM Raven Gregory.  The series, due to start this June, is definitely […]

Zenescope brings you THE DREAM EATER SAGA!

Zenescope, the publishers of Grimm Fairy Tales and its spin-offs (as well as the Charmed comic) announced recently that it will be starting its first large-scale crossover, The Dream Eater Saga, this April.  While the company has hinted at the shared universe of its titles before, it’s rare that the titles have actually crossed over.  […]

Zenescope announces Myths and Legends!

To view any of these covers, click the previews below! Zenescope has been hinting at this for a while, and it looks like we’re about to get an new ongoing GRIMM FAIRY TALES series! Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for a brand new series spinning out of the events of their landmark issue GRIMM FAIRY […]

Zenescope Announces Silver Dragon Books!

I’m actually really excited about this news.  I’m a huge fan of the books that Zenescope puts out (we’ve even been quoted on a couple), and the idea of them putting out all-ages material is, in my opinion, pretty damn awesome. Silver Dragon Books and Discovery Communications to Make Graphic Novels Geared Toward Fans of […]