Alien Vs. Predator Vs. YouSo it appears that whoever wins…Australians lose.  At Dreamworld in Gold Coast, Australia, they’ve recently opened a lazer tag arena themed to Alien vs. Predator.  According to the official site,

Your Mission: Join the Battle at Dreamworld and help wipe these creatures out… but first you need to learn everything you can about these deadly adversaries. Here’s your first tip… if it moves, shoot it!

So apparently you get to shoot at actual Aliens and Predators?  How the heck do we not have this in the US anywhere?  This sounds AWESOME!  I’ve had no luck finding any pictures or video from inside the ride, which you can read more about at ThemeParkNewsDirect and at the official site, but apparently you go through the sacrifical chamber and a birthing room also.  Lucky Australians!