The Madagascar PenguinsI popped on the TV this morning and, for some unknown reason, it was on Nickelodeon.  And on Nickelodeon was a tv show called The Madagascar Penguins, featuring, well, the penguins from Madagascar, as well as the bit characters like the crazy lemur, Julien, his second in command Maurice, and Mort, the quiet little lemur who, apparently, according to the fifteen minutes of the show I watched, has a foot fetish.

King Julien is giving himself a pedicure and Mort watches, twitching in his seat and shakign nervously.  Then, when the king done, Mort wraps himself around the foot, hugging it and laughing.  Julien exiles Mort for being a Mort, from Madagascarweirdo, and the Penguins put him through rehab, with electronic feet that zap him when he hugs them.  Still, he dreams of feet, he draws feet on the wall and, ultimately, he must overcome his rehab when he has to grab Julien’s foot to save him from certain doom.

I don’t know…I’m no prude, but seriously?  A foot fetish in a kid’s show at 8 am?  It really kind of disturbed me.  I mean, sure, it’s not like they made references to sex explicitly, but when a lemur jumps on someones leg because he loves feet, I’m not really sure there’s a reason to explain in further detail.