Sometimes, I just see a piece of art that I show my wife and she looks at me with that astonished, “why the hell would I care?” look.  That’s why I love this blog – because you guys care about the same crap I do!  Hopefully.  Look at this monstrosity of beauty:

The DCU, by Sean Cheeks
I know it looks like crap when it's small - click to see it full size!

Sean Cheeks is one of the character designers for that Spectacular Spider-Man show I told you all to watch here.  He’s also one of the many brilliant artists contributing to DC Comics’ upcoming Wednesday Comics project, which, from what I can tell based on the stories I’ve read, is like your Sunday comics, except that they come out on Wednesday and, you know, they don’t suck.  I’m sorry…Sunday comics just aren’t what they used to be.  Anyway, Cheeks is contributing a story about the Teen Titans and posted a couple of details on his official site – more after the jump!

The Teen Titans, by Sean CheeksThe Teen Titans story most obviously takes place outside of continuity, as the team looks to be similar to the team that premiered at the beginning of Sean McKeever’s run, but with some freakin’ cool designs.  I love these streamlined kind of designs, and Robin here is the awesome.

The story is a 12-pager, which I can only assume means 12 parts, so Wednesday Comics seems like it’s planned to go at least that long.  I really hope it does well, as I’m absolutely hyped on the project.  I think it’s success is wholly based on the price, honestly.  $3.99 probably won’t work so well, but $1.99 and I think the book will sell like gangbusters.  Whatever that means.

Teen Titans, by Sean CheeksCheeks has an artbook coming out called Cheeks: Unclenched which will probably be available at the cons he attends this year and which I’ll probably have to search feverishly for on Ebay.

Check out more on Sean Cheeks on his official blog!  I don’t think there’s a single piece of art on his site that I don’t like.