I’ve been batting around an idea for our new contest for a while now.  I mean, after our Batman, Final Crisis, and Resident Evil contests, what comes next?  Well, I’ve decided to do something that combines the interests of your two main IoM correspondents.  Aron loves Role Playing.  I love mice with weapons.  What does that leave us with?

Mouse Guard: The Role Playing Game

Hell to the yes!  Read after the jump to see how to win this bad boy!

Lieam, from Mouse Guard
Click here to see it larger!

Because this book is such the awesome, I thought we’d do something a little fun with this contest.  It’s still totally random selection, but here’s what we want you to do…in the talkback below, pitch your Mouse Guard character concept.  Tell us about Lord Byron Honeyweather, the gray mouse who lost his estate after his uncle murdered his father, and has returned, years later after working as a servant boy oversees, to take revenge on his uncle and claim back what’s his!

Okay…that was a crappy one.  But you get the jist.  It doesn’t necessarily have to fit in the Mouse Guard universe, either.  Have some futuristic mice stories?  Maybe something even crazier than that?  Post it below!

The winner will be chosen on April 10th.  Oh, here’s some rule crap: must be in the US (sorry), must be 18 or older and…um…I dunno…no purchase necessary, blah blah blah.

Learn more about Mouse Guard at the official site!

Get talkin’!