I’ve been batting around an idea for our new contest for a while now.  I mean, after our Batman, Final Crisis, and Resident Evil contests, what comes next?  Well, I’ve decided to do something that combines the interests of your two main IoM correspondents.  Aron loves Role Playing.  I love mice with weapons.  What does that leave us with?

Mouse Guard: The Role Playing Game

Hell to the yes!  Read after the jump to see how to win this bad boy!

Lieam, from Mouse Guard
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Because this book is such the awesome, I thought we’d do something a little fun with this contest.  It’s still totally random selection, but here’s what we want you to do…in the talkback below, pitch your Mouse Guard character concept.  Tell us about Lord Byron Honeyweather, the gray mouse who lost his estate after his uncle murdered his father, and has returned, years later after working as a servant boy oversees, to take revenge on his uncle and claim back what’s his!

Okay…that was a crappy one.  But you get the jist.  It doesn’t necessarily have to fit in the Mouse Guard universe, either.  Have some futuristic mice stories?  Maybe something even crazier than that?  Post it below!

The winner will be chosen on April 10th.  Oh, here’s some rule crap: must be in the US (sorry), must be 18 or older and…um…I dunno…no purchase necessary, blah blah blah.

Learn more about Mouse Guard at the official site!

Get talkin’!

19 thoughts on “Contest! Mouse Guard Role Playing Game!

  1. Duke Samuel Nottingham came from whence his name came from. He was born on the outskirts of the forest inhabited by the criminal and bandit king Robin Hood.

    He soon formed an allegiance with the sheriff of Nottingham to help in taking down the bandit king and help restore peace to the kingdom.

    But not all was as it seemed…

    In a daring dawn-lit raid, Duke Nottingham and 13 of his elite mouseguard knights stormed the hidden headquarters of the bandit king to find that untrue to the sheriff’s debriefing, Robin Hood was a fully grown man! Not satisfied with this, the mouseguard them moved their forces back inside the sheriff’s castle and waited.

    As night fell, Duke Nottingham snuck in his most highest plague bearers to poison the liar sheriff and his treacherous cohort.

    The next morning, Hood and his band of merry-men laid seige to the castle and restored peace to the kingdom once and for all.

    Samuel Nottingham was given his own title of Duke and his own tract of land just beyond the castle cloestest to the forest he once grew up in.

  2. Since my buddy owns it (I still want a copy!) and wants to run it soon, this will be good prep for me!

    Smith Gray: An older mouse, with gray fur, that has worked as smith in the Guard ever since he lost a leg to an owl many seasons ago. He’s been called back into service because he is the only one who still knows the way to a hermit’s hut in the woods. The guard needs to talk to the hermit about a secret…

  3. Tristan Trake is a young mouse who spent his formative years aimlessly floating through life and just barely getting by. After a run-in with the guard he has become their gopher. In exchange for doing their odd jobs he has come to feel is if he isn’t quite as alone.

  4. I’m not too familiar with the setting, so this may be totally off–maybe I’ll get a book and learn the setting and correct that.

    Sir Brann Bearspaw once had the exuberance and idealism of a young warrior, until the crow raided the mouse-hold he dwelled in, slaughtering many. Some whisper that only Bearspaw survived; some honor him for his strength; some give him a wide berth for the scars he now bears. Only he knows that he survived only because of his cowardice, because he ran and hid while his people died. He has never shown cowardice since. World-weary and grim, he has never failed to act to protect his people, not since then. He doesn’t talk about himself. Most think of him as a relentless and driven guardian–only he knows that what he does, he does to repay a debt to people who can never grant him the forgiveness he seeks.

  5. Oliver Butler sighed. His father was a butler for the Redkin estate, and his grand father, and his great grand father served the Redkin family as well. But, that didn’t suit Ollie at all. He was a mouse cut from different cloth. Steeling his nerves, he secretly packed a travel bag, strapped on his knife, donned his favorite cape, and set off for adventure. He was sure that the Mouseguard would take him in once they got of taste of his resolve.


  6. Sander Vanhollyweather is a master of the sneaky arts. He has served the Order of the Paw for years until he was unceremoniously dismissed for a crime against mousamity. He not seeks to find resolution to his dismissal, prove his innocence and take revenge on the cat that took part of his ear.

  7. Little Poppy Peppercorn was always considered too small to join the Mouse Guard. While he looked on with envy at his friends, as they went off to train and earn their colorful capes – he had to stay at home and apprentice himself and learn a practical trade.

    Little Poppy Peppercorn wasn’t big and strong enough to be a blacksmith, or patient enough to be a potter. Nor could he stand the smells coming from the tanner’s hut or the heat from the glass blowers furnace. No one really knew what Little Poppy Peppercorn could do, for his part in the mouse community.

    But, he loved telling stories … especially stories about the brave Mouse Guard and their sharp swords going snicker snack as they defeated fearsome monsters with nary a thought to their own safety and always a flourish of their capes. The other mice liked hearing these stories, as it gave them a chance to rest from their hard labors. The muscle sore blacksmith and hand sore potter both sat together and listened with amusement as Little Poppy Peppercorn leapt about, telling the latest exploits of his friends with the greatest of enthusiasm and flare. The sweat covered tanner and the soot covered glass blower both watched on, wide eyed as he told of the Mouse Guards harrowing feats … pausing … for … dramatic … effect!

    Finally, even the returning Mouse Guard, many nursing injuries or just on furlough sat with the others and listened to the tales of Little Poppy Peppercorn – amused at seeing something of themselves in his stories, even if the facts weren’t always right and the monsters hadn’t been quite as large as they remembered. Everyone sat together and listened and laughed and cringed and held their breath and cried as the stories were unfolded around them. And so, a decision was made and a place for Little Poppy Peppercorn in the community of mousedom would be found at last.

    For his service in easing the anxiety and raising the spirits and building the camaraderie of guardmouse and workmouse alike, Little Poppy Peppercorn would be inducted into the Mouse Guard on permanent, special assignment: he would travel with them, document their deeds, and tell his tales from walled town to hidden dale, everywhere he went. And he’d have his own colorful cape, at last, so that everyone would recognize the proud, and in his own unique way, heroic … Little Poppy Peppercorn.

  8. I’m dead to Aron, but maybe Paul will give me a fair shake. 😉

    Carolina Sunflower is tinkerer and inventor. Her inventions range from the simple easing of everyday burdens to the life-changing, society-shifting stuff of legends. Any one of her inventions could have set her up on the path to a life of ease and comfort, but Carolina’s focus has always been on the next contraption brewing in her head. That is, it had been, before her only son was killed in the line of duty. Carolina suspects foul play, and she’s determined to discover the truth.

  9. Ioan was too young to fight in the Weasel War, all the better for him. He doesn’t like fighting. Too much blood and too much violence. He prefers a life of peace and luxury. Unfortunately for him, Ioan’s parents were not rich. Far from it. Luxury is well beyond his grasp, but that’s never kept him from reaching for it. Ioan is good at reaching. Reaching into pockets, purses, and bags. Untying knots, unlocking locks, opening safes. Do it enough, he thought, and he would accumulate luxury from those that had plenty to spare.

    Ioan is good at reaching, but not as good at lying. A few absconded items from the wrong individual, an intervention by the famous swordsman Saxon, and the young mouse was left with a choice: the Guard or the prison. There are too many secrets the Guard does not know, too many plans being plotted. They need information and they need someone to get it. Someone that’s good at reaching.

  10. I don’t know the setting but I really want to give this a shot.

    Olivia Bayleaf came from a broken home her mother was eaten by a cat when she was still a blind pinky and her father never recovered. As a young mouse she was constantly in trouble with the authorities and eventually found herself with two options; join the guard or go to prison. Now three years in the guard she’s loving life finally turned herself around and got it together. Except now her captain wants to promote her to sergeant and give her a unit. Responsibility has never been Oilvia’s strong suit so now she is forced to face her own problems with having authority as she is sent out into the field for her first assignment as a sergeant

  11. Kirby Oaknot was the youngest of fifteen kids, which made it very easy for him to get lost and forgotten in the chaos of the home. On more than one occasion, the guard have drug Kirby home by his ears for his mother to scold him for his behavior. Kirby’s wild behavior eventually demanded a response slightly more stern than a mother’s harsh words.

    Kirby was conscripted into the guard to teach him the lessons in life to make him a mouse. With every crack of his sergeant’s tongue and switch, Kirby grew into a guard of pride and cunning.

    Kirby has finally put his boyish antics behind him as he fulfills his role as guard with honor.

  12. Marvin. Age 19. A tenderfoot mouse. Quiet, Shy. He’s from Sprucetuck, and a dabbler in sciences. He joined the guard out of a sense of curiousity, not duty.

    Marvin wants to see the world. Marvin wants to taste the plants he’s never tasted, smell the smells he’s never smelled, and hear the sounds that he has never heard.

    This curiosity of his is going to get someone killed. He just doesn’t no when to stop poking his nose in places, and forgets to ask for a break to smell that strange looking flower over there.

    There is hope he may outgrow it… but what a shame for science when he does.

  13. Bucky (he hate that name) grew up on a small grain farm near Lockhaven. Alway seeing the Guard traveling left him wanting to join. But, he couldn’t. His Dad died as a Guard in the Weasel War and his Mom only had him to take care of him. That all changed when the Black Axe and his minions came to take Lockhaven. His Mom was out in the fields when they came through. She tried to raise and alarm but they found her before she could make a difference. Bucky found her broken and bleeding on the side of the field tword Lockhaven. She blessed him and told him that his Dad always wanted him to be a Guard. She told him that she loved him and she died. Now Bucky (he loves that name and don’t you dare snicker at it), is a tenderpaw on his first patrol. Heaven help the traitor mice he finds…

  14. Thorn of Thrush’s Stone

    (Being a traditional ballad of Thrush’s Stone, a small rural community at the border.)

    Thorn was birthed in Thrush’s Stone,
    Took up toy wooden swords,
    Swore he’d age to join the Guard
    ‘Gainst wild weasel hordes.

    Nightfall came to Thrush’s Stone,
    On silent wing of swan,
    Young Thorn the bold was bid a-bed
    As night came ever on.

    Weasels came to Thrush’s Stone,
    Bore steel, pitch and tar,
    Slew the slumb’ring sentry there –
    Thorn woke ‘mong flaming stars.

    Thorn cried aloud through Thrush’s Stone,
    After his kith and kind,
    That silence – save the crackling flames,
    Set fire to Thorn’s mind.

    “Anger! Vengeance! Thrush’s Stone!”
    From high window he leapt,
    Took only his toy wooden sword
    Whence wild weasel crept.

    In the burning streets of Thrush’s Stone,
    Thorn came across his prey,
    Young mouse’s toy a cudgel now,
    To bash in weasel brains!

    (loud Huzzahs! are traditional here.)

    That first of foes in Thrush’s Stone,
    True steel gave to Thorn,
    No pride in paltry, plunder’d sword
    But a way to wind toward war.

    Throughout that night in Thrush’s Stone,
    Thorn sought alone his prey,
    With burning mind he met and fell
    Five weasels ere the day.

    Have you returned to Thrush’s Stone?
    They’ll sing in tavern yards,
    How Burn-ed Thorn, of Thrush’s Stone
    First earned the title Guard!

  15. Page 1 is divided into 3 wide horizontal panels.

    Panel 1: A black-furred mouse in an orange jumpsuit stands next to a roundish gray fighter jet. We can see the feet of another mouse lying underneath the fighter.

    Standing mouse: “Well, can you save it, or am I going to be stuck waiting in here while the Weasels-”

    A loud *Clank* comes from underneath the fighter.

    Panel 2: A view of the mouse underneath the fighter. He has white fur and a red jumpsuit. There are grease stains on his paws and face. He holds a wrench in one paw and reaching up into the guts of the machine with the other.

    Mechanic mouse: “Do you really think I’d miss a chance to get you incinerated? She’s almost good to go.”

    Panel 3: Looking down from above the black pilot’s head as the white mechanic slides out on his back from underneath the fighter.

    Mechanic mouse: “There. Hop in. And try not to get yourself killed too badly.”

    Page 2 is one large panel. It’s a shot from space, as the fighter flies out of an opening in the side of the battleship. At the bottom of the page is a large logo:

    Fall 3152

  16. The pilot is named Eric and is descended from Saxon. The mechanic (and main character) is descended from Gwendolyn, and named Matthew.

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