sp1889To the delight of gamers everywhere, Pinnacle Entertainment Group has announced it will be releasing a plot point book for Space 1889 utilizing their award winning Savage Worlds system.

I learned of this development in today’s special episode of The Game’s The Thing in which Pinnacle’s Clint Black announced the project along with a few other Savage Worlds projects currently in the works. Originally published by Game Designer’s Workshop back in the 80’s, Space 1889 is a role playing game set in a space-faring Victorian Era.  The game was designed by Frank Chadwick who holds the rights thereto.

Space 1889: Red Sands will be a full-color hardback release. Page count and price is not yet determined. It is expected to release in September of ’09.

The Savage Worlds core rules are required.

I only ever got to play Space 1889 once when I was in college.  I recall it being great fun.  This will be a definite purchase for me when it comes out in September.  Woot!