A victim of Doomsday!The following images (click to see ’em bigger) come courtesy of www.Kryptonsite.com forums.  These are behind the scenes photos of the Smallville season 8 finale entitled, “Doomsday”.  The episode features the return of Legionnaire Cosmic Boy and two Justice League members, Black Canary and Flash/Impulse Bart Allen.  It appears that Clark Kent and Doomsday battle it out in the middle of a Metropolis street (seemingly the only street where stuff happens in the city).  If there wasn’t enough action going on in the street already, it also appears that the Metropolis cinema is playing the movie, “After Burn”. Catch “Doomsday” when it airs May 14th at 8:00 PM EST on the Woman’s Network…er…the CW.

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Doomsday and Friend

Superman saves a little girl from Doomsday!