Heavy is the burdern on Paul/Thanos' shoulders.  Who should he kill first?According to the “What Marvel Hero or Villain Are You?” test on Facebook, I would be THANOS.

You’re not evil per se, just fascinated by nihilism and the darker side of life since you’re an outsider from birth. You’ve flirted with omniscience, omnipotence, and Death herself(literally).

For once, I found something on Facebook that is not only good and entertaining (instead of annoying, but damn addicting), but it’s TRUE!  I would totally be THANOS.  But not crappy modern THANOS.  I’d be Infinity Gauntlet THANOS who has the power of the universe on his right hand and can drop the entire Marvel Universe worth of heroes without blinking.  Even that crappy Silver Surfer guy.  Lame.

PAUL=THANOS.  I like it.

One thought on “Facebook is the absence of all that is good in the universe. Except…

  1. Joe=Ghost Rider. You’ve got the power of hellfire, but use it for good and ride a bad ass motorcycle that’s on fire, wield a chain whip and can (penance) stare down demi-gods to a grovel at your knees. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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