Superman #208So, according to Rich Johnston at CBR (click here for the full story),

I understand that superstar comic creators Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will be an upcoming creative team on DC’s “Justice League Of America” comic.

Jim Lee is already committed to finishing “All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder” with Frank Miller, as well as the DC multiplayer online game, so the comic may not be announced until the end of comics convention season.

This news couldn’t be any better.  Since Brad Meltzer left Justice League of America, I feel that the title has been struggling.  I love current writer Dwayne McDuffie, and it’s obvious the dude can write some Justice League based on his output in the Justice League Unlimited TV show, but I’m just not connecting with the comic anymore.  The few storylines that aren’t tie-in issues to a larger crossover seem to go on for too long, or to retread material that we’ve all seen before.  Even the most recent storyline, with the team breaking up and without the big three seems like the storyline that came right before Infinite Crisis.  Geoff Johns is probably my favorite comic writer right now, though his work lately has been showing some signs of him being overworked.  Jim Lee…is Jim Lee.  Here’s hoping that, after Blackest Night and Superman: Secret Origins, Geoff Johns is able to write Green Lantern and JLA for the foreseeable future….though I am missing him on the Superman titles.

For an example of how a Jim Lee JLA might look, check out Superman #208, part of the For Tomorrow storyline that Lee did with Brian Azzarello.  Storyline sucked, but the art was sure pretty.