Two unassuming fellas from opposite sides of the country shared a love that dare not speak its name, a love for all-things geek.  Way back in the early days of 2009, they created a place for this forbidden love and called it Ideology of Madness.

There in the comforting nest of IoM, they spoke at length of comics, movies, and role playing games.

It wasn’t enough to share their hot, sweaty passion for Star Trek or even their dark appetites for unpublished scripts.  No, they were compelled to shoot hot love all over their readers, busting loads of free stuff all over ’em.

Final Crisis Give-a-way Winner Seraph displays his winnings!
Final Crisis Give-a-way winner Seraph displays his winnings! (We threw in a few non-Final Crisis books just so his "winnings" wouldn't suck so hard - and apparently a q-tip and that library book I've been looking for...)

Ideology of Madness has given away the Final Crisis books, the Batman: Private Case Book, Resident Evil 5 and the Mouse Guard RPG!

How does it get more awesome?

The “I want 100 free comics that don’t suck” contest, that’s how!

I could use a cigarette.  How ’bout you, Paul?