Local Heroes Comics in Norfolk, VA!Have you ever been to one of those comic shops that just “gets it?”  That you know, the instant you walk in, this is going to be a pleasant comic shopping experience?  See, I’m big on organization – I hate it when I can’t find stuff.  Some of the comic shops in the area are absolutely abysmal about keeping their stuff in order – it’s hard to find anything that isn’t by Marvel or DC, and even then the shelves are overflowing with books, or they’re stacked in such a way that they get all bent up before you even purchase them.  I don’t want to feel like I’m shopping for my comic books in someone’s basement.  I remember a recent excursion to a LCS, where I saw a copy of the The Darkness #1 on the shelves as a new release…oh, and I mean The Darkness #1 from 1996!!!

Local Heroes Comics in Norfolk, VA, gets it right.  The store is not only organized, it’s pretty to look at.  It’s almost like walking into a Starbucks with comic books (assuming Starbucks loved playing The Venture Bros on their TV sets).  Primarily a graphic novel store, you’re likely to find stuff here you haven’t even heard off on it’s pleasantly organized, easy to navigate shelves (books are organized by genre!).  And there’s an entire wall of new comic releases again, organized in such a way that nothing is hard to find.

Check after the jump for a couple of store pictures and the low down on their plans for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!

As if the promise of free comics wasn’t cool enough, Local Heroes is also offering the following goodies!

  • Free Coffee and Bagels from Yorgo’s in the AM
  • Free Pizza from Cogan’s in the afternoon
  • Giveaways and Door Prizes All Day
  • 15% Off All Graphic Novels and Trades
  • Free Comics!!!!!!

They’re open Mon-Sat 11-8 and Sun from 12-6. They’re located at 1905 Colonial Ave in Ghent.  Norfolk, VA 23517.  (757) 383-6810!

Hope to see all our Hampton Roads IoMers there this weekend!  Check out below for some pics of the store!  Click to make any of them bigger!