Transmorphers!Transmorphers, which I want to buy but am unwilling to pay $22.49 to see, is…well, it’s pretty obvious what it is.  The Asylum, a DTV DVD company that specializes in “mockbusters,” released the first Transmorphers around the same time as Michael Bay’s Transformers flick.

According to wikipedia,

A race of aliens that pilot robots has conquered the Earth and forced humanity underground. After three hundred years of domination, a small group of humans develop a plan to defeat the mechanical invaders in the ultimate battle, but matters get worse when they find out that the aliens don’t pilot the robots, they are the robots.

Sounds a bit different than Transformers, but, you know, still probably sucks.  It also had no actor I’d ever heard of.  Well, with Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen coming this summer, The Asylum has stepped up to the plate to give those poor suckers who love their sh*tty DTV flicks what they’ve been waiting two years for!

Transmorphers: Fall of ManTransmorphers: Fall of Man comes out June 30th from Asylum, and will be available at your local rental place, and of course online at Netflix and Blockbuster and those kinds of places.  Apparently a prequel to the (heh) blockbuster original,

The film takes place prior to the events of Transmorphers. The Earth, largely concerned with minor matters, fails to notice the arrival of the Transmorphers, a race of robots that are piloted by extraterrestrial beings. The machines invoke a cybernetic revolt, using their advanced technology to destroy the opposition posed by the world armies and thus quickly seize control of the Earth, forcing the remainder of the human race underground. -from Wikipedia

The flick actually has Bruce Boxleitner,who apparently isn’t paying the bills with the checks he got from his “Chuck” TV show appearances and his Babylon 5 DTV.

Has anybody seen the first one?  Talkback below!