seanpatrickfannonSean Patrick Fannon’s 2008 was not his best year.  The Shaintar author described the year as “significantly difficult” in a blog from last October.  He went on to paint a very dismal picture of 2008:

  • “The love of my life shattered my heart;”
  • “A family member has, in the course of destroying his own life, caused great harm and mischief for his sister (my mother) and the rest of us;” and
  • “My father’s health has been in steady decline…”

Listeners of The Game’s the Thing and readers of Mr. Fannon’s blog know that things have turned around in 2009.

mydarkfaery1He met a girl.

By all reports, they’ve hit it off quite nice.

To celebrate their joy, the happy couple is planning WeddingCon 2009 to be held in Atlanta, Ga. December 11 – December 13.

The Gamer Girl of My Dreams, Carinn, and I are hosting a gaming/relaxi-con with a handfasting ceremony as one of the main events, and we’d love for you to come and play, party, and celebrate with us.

…There will be gaming, including a Big Shaintar Game.

You know, that sounds like an awfully fun way to get married/hand-fasted/what-have-you.  Surrounded by friends and well-wishers playing games for three days?  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this!

Perhaps, for the vow renewal?

IoM wishes Sean and Carinn all the best.  We’ll be following developments as things progress.

I always cry at handfastings.