Castle, Season 1 on DVD!
Castle, the complete first season on DVD!

Come on Nathan Fillion fans!  This is NateDawg at his finest hour!  Charismatic, hilarious, and a thriller writer assisting the police in solving crimes?  This show is totally the AWESOME!  I know it’s on Mondays at 10, and you’re usually asleep by then, but you’ve got a DVR, don’t you?  What the hell is on on Mondays at 10, anyway?

Well, ABC Video announced that Castle, The Complete First Season is coming out on the 22nd of September!  Retail is $40 bucks, so I figure it’ll be, what, like $25 at your local Best Buy?  It’s got a bunch of cool bonus features, like bloopers and deleted scenes.

Don’t worry, we’ll remind you closer to time.

But, just in case, catch Castle this coming Monday at 10pm (or, you know, whatever time it’s playing in your next of the woods) on ABC!

One thought on “You're still not watching Castle yet, are you?

  1. I’m watching. And by the looks of it so are many other people. Sure it’s not beating CSI Miami (yet), but it has healthy numbers for a mid-season entry in a spot that’s long been dominated by a show that at one time was the most watched show on television.

    Castle’s third week numbers (more representative than its first week where people stop in to see “what it’s about”) are nearly triple what Dollhouse is pulling in. It might get moved to a different time slot (I don’t think it should, CSI Miami will fold soon), but I would be shocked if ABC didn’t bring it back next year.

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