As a follow up to my recent article on the Burger King Star Trek promotion, after the jump is part of an official press release (you can read all of here, and find out what they’re doing for Transformers and GI Joe) that puts into more detail their plans for Trek, which began TODAY!

Apparently the BK Klingons are called Kingons, by the way.  Cute.


– New supporting BK® characters: Star Trek fans will meet the “Kingons” – an advanced alien race that is half Klingon, half King. In new adult television advertising spots, Burger King Corp. will reveal the “Kingons,” who are on an unstoppable mission to acquire the new BK® STAR TREK glasses. The kid’s national advertising spot, directed by Richard Sears along with the film’s Director of Photography, Dan Mindel (Mission Impossible 3), was shot on the same “bridge” set from the new movie. The spot also features Star Trek uniforms that were designed by the film’s costume designer, Brenda Ware.

– Kingon Defense Academy Web Site: The Kingons will reappear at : , where fans can learn how to defend themselves if a Kingon attempts to take their BK® STAR TREK glass. Launching on May 4, the site features a series of instructional videos giving viewers a variety of tactics to protect their coveted glasses.

– Limited edition collectibles: Four limited-edition collectible glasses featuring one of four iconic Star Trek characters – Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Nero. Designed exclusively for BURGER KING® restaurants by the Star Trek creative team, the high quality frosted glasses are enclosed in a collectible box and available for a suggested price of $1.99 each with the purchase of any adult BK® Value Meal at participating restaurants, while supplies last.

– BK® Kids Meals Premiums: Families can also discover star and bolt-shaped CHICKEN TENDERS® developed in tandem with the Star Trek movie promotion in BK® Kids Meals. BK® Kids Meals will also include one of 16 all-sound Star Trek toys.* The toys highlight the characters, technology, iconic sounds and famous phrases from the film, and taps into the fun and adventure of exploring uncharted territories.