Star Trek: Aegean /Original Series / Episode 004 – Non-Player Characters

Later this week the first of our ALL NEW Star Trek Aegean episodes arrives.  Until then, enjoy this archived episode of the Original Series and don’t forget to subscribe to the Aegean RSS feed (and over there on the right) so you don’t miss a moment of the action! In our fourth sandbox episode, we […]

My New Trek TV Wish List…

So Star Trek blew up in cinemas over the summer and, with it set to be released on DVD this coming week (and blu-ray, for us cool folks), the question has come up many a time as to when Trek might return to its native roots – that is, to say, television. While I don’t […]

Star Trek: The MMO

So the big news last week was that the long awaited Star Trek MMO will be released in February 2010.  Hot damn, right?  Now, the big question… will your system run it? And more important, will mine? According to Star Trek Online in a FAQ updated this week: System Requirements OS: Windows XP SP2 / […]

Star Trek Action Figure Bloopers

A fan of the old Star Trek blooper reels and the old Mego action figures, this send-up tickled the pon-farr out of me.  Seriously, it makes me wish I still had those old guys hanging around.  If only I hadn’t set them on fire/blown them up with m80’s. Sniff. While the reel below looks like […]

No one understands the Borg better than Hitler

Everyone’s got their favorite Star Trek captain. For some, it’s that wild, cowboy-diplomat Jim Kirk.  For others, it’s that smooth talking badass Ben Sisko. For me? It’s Captain Hitler.  Remember Star Trek: Erster Kontakt?  Der Fuhrer kicked those Borg schädlinge all the way back to the Delta Quadrant.