From inside the train

Source: CBS News

Today, Disney unveiled the first stop of it’s Christmas Carol Train Tour, based on the upcoming movie, Disney’s Christmas Carol, directed by the talented Robert Zemeckis, and coming this….November 6th!  Ha…yeah, not Christmas.  Anyway, this is an interactive 3D sneal preview of the upcoming film, free of charge to the public, that includes props from the film, artifacts from the life of Charles Dickens, portraits of the entire cast of characters, a motion-capture suit, models and concept art, and an opportunity for visitors to take their pictures and have them morphed into one of four characters from the film.  You’ll also get to see scenes from the film in 3D.

Coming soon to an Amtrak near you!
Coming soon to an Amtrak near you!

This is a 40 city-tour that’s, essentially, going all across the country and staying for a limited time.  Check the official site of the tour to see when it’s coming to your area!  Right now, until May 25th, it will be at Union Station is Los Angeles!

This is a pretty unique way of advertising the film.  Along with the TMNT Road Tour, there are a lot of interesting things touring the country this year that aren’t coming anywhere near me! Sigh…if you decide to check it out, let us know!