If you haven’t seen any of Smallville or Supernatural this year and are waiting for DVD…you may wanna stop now.

The Winchester Brothers, from Supernatural
The Winchester Brothers, from Supernatural

So, already in this season of Smallville, we’ve seen Green Arrow kill Lex Luthor, Doomsday f*ck some sh*t up, Clark and Lois start to get their flirt on, the Legion of the Super Heroes, Chloe running away with Doomsday, Chloe turn into Braniac and back into Chloe, Jimmy Olsen become a drug addict…yeah, it’s been a busy year.

On this season of Supernatural, we’ve seen Dean come back from Hell (after torturing souls there to pass the time), Sam turn into a drug addict (kinda – demon blood), him and Dean duke it out multiple times, angels and demons whuppin’ on each other, and demon Lillith open up almost all of the 66 seals that keep Lucifer in hell.

So how did these seasons wrap up?  With a bang or a whimper?  These penultimate seasons (supposedly next season for both shows are the last) have been all sorts of crazy – did the finales live up to the build-up?  Find out after the jump!

The cast of Smallville
The cast of Smallville

So…Jimmy Olsen is dead.  I don’t know…when X3: The Last Stand killed off Cyclops, Professor X, and Jean Grey, I was okay with it for the most part.  But you kill off Jimmy Olsen and I feel angry.  I really enjoyed Jimmy’s character on the show – it seems a shame that they turned him into a drug dealer, then killed him off.  He dies killing Davis Bloome, who gets separated from Doomsday.  Clark defeats Doomsday, burying him underground in a huge explosion.

So…what was all that about “tomorrow” being the day Clark was supposed to die?  That didn’t even seem like a possibility.  Nothing the Legion did changed that – they gave him the ring, which he haphazardly left on his desk at the Daily Planet (seriously) and Lois put it on, effectively going to the future.  Maybe that’s what changed things?  I don’t know…honestly, the Jimmy scene was heartbreaking, I was very sad to see him go.  But the rest of the episode?  A mix The tension between Clark and Oliver was good, and the Justice League betraying Supes was good, the Lois/Tess fight kicked butt, and Jimmy finding out Clark’s identity was my favorite scene in the episode.  But the ending, with Clark saying he’s no longer human, and Zod popping up out of nowhere in Tess’ backyard?  It seemed like a lame cliffhanger, and the Lois in the future storyline?  Again, not that interesting.  Smallville usually has some great season premieres after their WTF season finales, so here’s hoping the premiere of season…dang, will it be 9? will be great.

Pretty sure this pic isn't from season four, but it's all Google gave me.  Young Winchesters!
Pretty sure this pic isn't from season four, but it's all Google gave me. Young Winchesters!

On Supernatural, the brother’s estrangement lasts until all of fifteen minutes into the episode, and even the yellow eyed demon (from seasons one and two) pops up for a flashback.  Ruby and Sam take the baby-eating demon hostage and use her to find Lillith.  Meanwhile, the angels collect on Dean’s promise to to be their instrument.  Both brothers are set to give their lives in the final battle against Lillith.  Sam, who’s become a real dick (I love when he tells Ruby to mind her own business), is all sorts of angsty going into the final battle.  And twenty-five minutes in, I was wondering when the hell stuff was going to happen.  But things start to become clearer when it’s revealed that Ruby has been getting Sam ready to be the host for Lucifer once all the seals are open.  The angels reveal that it was never their intention to stop the seals – they want the Apocalypse to happen.  They saved Dean to stop Lucifer, but not to stop Lillith or the Apocalypse.

Unlike Smallville, Supernatural is known for relatively “okay” season finales, and lackluster premieres.  This finale definitely ended up in the “okay” bucket – nothing really happened for the first forty minutes of the show other than a lot of what already happened last episode.  The one good thing and bad thing of Supernatural is that the only rotating cast members are Sam and Dean – I’m going to miss Castiel and the writer guy next season.  They made for some pretty good supporting cast members.  The last fifteen minutes of the show were great, but no surprise for anyone who’s read any interviews with series creator Eric Kripke, who’s already called season five the “apocalyptic season.”  Man…these Supernatural boys aren’t very effective, are they?  They caused the damn apocalypse!

What did you guys think?