Dear Dracula, by Joshua Williamson and Vicente Navarrette
Dear Dracula, by Joshua Williamson and Vicente Navarrette

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

You guys know I’m a fan of starting your kids early in enjoying genre material, especially the scary stuff.  As a kid, I LOVED horror movies, especially ones with kids my age.  To this day, The Monster Squad is still one of my favorite movies.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a film as good as that one at capturing the fun of a kid’s movie, but the scariness of a real horror movie.  Monster House tried, but it was…well, boring as crap.

Here’s hoping Dear Dracula, based on the excellent kids book (from Jim Valentino’s Silverline Books) captures the fun of the book, while injecting some appropriate scariness.  The book, based about a kid who writes to Dracula at Halloween (as opposed to Santa at Christmas) is a great read for any child, and the movie rights were picked up by Kickstart Entertainment, who also produced the Wanted.  Apparently, they pondered stop-motion for the film, but opted for CG.  Dang.  I love me some stop motion.

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