UPDATE! is now up and running, with an updated store locator (though the list of participants appears to be missing).  Looks like there will be some stores participating around me!  Sweet!

Wow…of all people to write about Free RPG Day, it’s me!

Well, as Aron stated earlier, Free RPG Day is still on.  Well, doing a little digging, I came across the advertising/marketing firm organizing Free RPG Day this year, Impressions ADV.  A quick scan of their official site shows all the goodies being given out this year!  The site appears to be having some issues (none of the graphics work), but they have a list of all the Free RPG Day goodies!  Wanna know what you can get?

Below is a listing of the publishers, the goodies they’re offering, and the number of pieces in each box a store will get (so you know what your local gaming store will have more or less of)!

Publisher Level Item Box Total
Chessex Bronze Commerative Dice 3
Claymore Entertainment Bronze Hero’s Bane Quickstart & Adventure 3
Exile Game Studios Bronze Hollow Earth Expedition Adventure 3
Fantasy Flight Games Platinum Rogue Trader RPG Adventure 15
Flying Buffalo Bronze T&T Quickstart and Adventure 3
Goodman Games Gold 4th Edition Hero’s Handbook 10
Lone Wolf Silver Hero Lab demo w/ unique data files 5
Mongoose Gold The Troubleshooter Reference Manual 10
Mongoose Silver Introduction to Dragon Warriors 5
Mongoose Bronze Corporation: Grab the Cache 3
Paizo Gold Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary 10
Polymancer Studios Bronze Fantasy Adventure 3
Q-Workshop Gold Unique Dice 10
Troll Lord Games Silver C&C Quickstart and Adventure 5
White Wolf Gold Geist RPG Quickstart 10
Wizards of the Coast Platinum “Khyber’s Harvest”, Eberron 4E Adv. 15
Wizards of the Coast Platinum “Khyber’s Harvest” Tile 15

The list of store participating in the event is here!  Not a damn thing anywhere near me :-(.

Free RPG Day is June 20th!