Star Trek: The Experience
Star Trek: The Experience

I think it speaks to the size of my geekality that my favorite experience in Las Vegas wasn’t the bachelor party I attended, or the friend’s wedding I went to (sorry Nate), the free drinks while playing slots, or visiting the night clubs at the Palms Casino. No, my favorite experience in Vegas was actually getting to visit Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. This attraction featured two “rides,” a museum of Trek memorabilia, the best Trek store you’ll ever visit and, perhaps best of all, Quark’s, probably my favorite restaurant in Vegas, based upon the character’s bar in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get back to the Experience a third time before it closed late last year, but new hope came about when Neonopolis, part of the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, announced that they would be taking Trek: The Experience, and opening it in 2010.

While all reports show Neonopolis as a financial failure (in fact, the Galaxy Neonopolis 11 movie theaters are closing as of today and will reopen once it has been remodeled), I’ve got high hopes that bringing in the Star Trek Experience will hopefully turn that around. Originally it was planned to open in phases, but now it appears as if it’ll open all at once in 2010 (check out more here). Let’s hope Neonopolis stays open long enough for Trek to come in and we can all plan a trip to The Vegas!

Check out more info on Star Trek: The Experience here!

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