I hate to sound like one of those negative bloggers that always bitches about everything, but sometimes I just come across a series of things that make me unhappy.  I’m totally psyched about the possibility of a new Alien vs. Predator game, but history hasn’t been kind to either film franchise in games, much less the most recent incarnations of AvP.  But the original AvP arcade game, that played like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, was definitely my favorite.  I miss co-op games like that, and Spider-Man, and Captain America and the Avengers…anyway, I digress.  What worries me about this is the SEGA that pops up at the beginning of the trailer.  They’re really hit or miss, but mostly miss.  Nothing can be told from this trailer – we’ll see when they release some actual gameplay footage.

One thought on “Surely another wasted opportunity…

  1. The first 2 AvP games that were not arcade, were scary as hell. The first one you could only save at the end of every mission so it was hard until AvP gold came out. Then AvP2 better graphics more of the same. Still good though. I’m really looking forward to see what they can do with this one.

    If I’m Looking at this correctly This looks like the original just ported to the xbox with better graphics. I think this would be great cause the only way that I could play this previously was to lug my computer over to someones house.

    Game Over man

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