dar_covAs I shared earlier, I am sporting some major wood for Atomic Overmind Press’ new setting book penned by Ken Hite, The Day After Ragnarok.  It’s written for Savage Worlds, detailing a world that ended during World War II.  It looks awfully cool.

The Day After Ragnarok was announced for May 27th PDF release last week.  So, I had expected to write this morning of the book’s availability and how I had dashed to my keyboard in the small hours of the morning to download it.

Such was not to be.

Yesterday, the publishers informed the interwebz that Ragnarok, much like gratification, has been delayed.

As is wont to happen when you stack a holiday weekend on top of a looming deadline, and some minor computer problems, we’re not quite where we wanted to be the day before release of The Day After Ragnarok. Additionally, we haven’t been able to get new out about the release to everyone we’d like to, and there are a few more previews we want to show off while we polish the book to the best extent possible.

I wanted the world to end now!!!!

Oh well.

I guess the skies won’t bleed until next week.