Preview Art by Alex Ross
Preview Art by Alex Ross

One of my favorite aspects of the Green Hornet was that he was actually the grand-nephew of the Lone Ranger.  Now that The Green Hornet is set to be published by Dynamite Entertainment, who also owns the rights to the Lone Ranger, I hope we get to see a little more of that backstory.  Anywho…

Newsarama today had two articles announcing some of the upcoming create staff for Dynamite’s Green Hornet comic, and it’s a doozy!

Kevin Smith (yes, THAT Kevin Smith) will be writing the series, and before anyone starts screaming “delays!”, just know that, luckily, it’s already written.  In fact, the initial miniseries will be based on Smith’s treatment for The Green Hornet movie that fell through, before eventually ending up in the WTF hands of Seth Rogen and Michael Gondry.  I have to believe that, despite his comedic background, Smith’s take would have been infinitely more serious than the one starring Seth Rogen and Stephen Chow.  Covers will be done by the all-star team of Alex Ross, John Cassaday (who seems to do covers for everything Dynamite publishes, except for the ones that Ross does), Jae Lee, and David Finch.  Interior artist hasn’t been named yet.

In addition, the character designs will be done by Alex Ross.  You can check those out here – I think they’re pretty spiffy.  Not sure about the bug eyes in the preview image (above) though.  As far as I’m concerned, any Green Hornet is a good Green Hornet.  He’s one of those underutilized characters like The Shadow, The Phantom, or The Spider that just don’t seem to catch on easily with modern audiences.

What do you guys think?