The Pault KeeperIt has been WAY too long since I wrote one of these.  What have you been doing without someone to help you figure out how to spend your hard-earned cash each and every week?  Were you standing in the corner, Blair Witch-style, beating your head on the wall, frustrated at having too much money in your pocket?  You know you wait with baited breath for your Tuesday Best Buy visit and your Wednesday comic shop visit (Thursday this week)! Well, here’s a list of the good stuff coming out this week – don’t waste your money on anything else!

Have a seat and let The Pault Keeper help you figure out…

Click here to see the Crap You Should Buy!
Click here to see the Crap You Should Buy this week!

Nothing much in the way of DVD’s unfortunately, so we’ll just go ahead and skip to….

The comics you should buy this week!

Lots of comics!

Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive, from DC Comics
Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive, from DC Comics

ALIENS #1 (OF 4) – Dark Horse Comics: It’s been a while since Dark Horse put out an Aliens comic I was interested in, but the Free Comic Book Day preview was pretty interesting – the new series appears to take place in a post-invasion Earth where the Aliens tried to invade, but failed.  Still, they could come back at any time (and probably will).

GOTHAM GAZETTE #1 BATMAN ALIVE – DC Comics: The Batman Dead? one-shot was pretty interesting, so I’m curious to see how this wrap up to the Battle for the Cowl will be.  I’m guessing it might be a good primer for all the upcoming new Batbooks.

GREEN LANTERN #41 – DC Comics: Because it’s leading up to BLACKEST NIGHT!

STARCRAFT #1 – DC Comics/Wildstorm: I kind of dropped World of Warcraft, not because it was bad, but because it just wasn’t my thing.  I’ve always liked Starcraft more anyway.  Wildstorm continues it’s string of licensed properties with this new book, based on the popular Blizzard game with the upcoming sequel that everyone is dying for!

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #6, from Marvel Comics
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #6, from Marvel Comics

ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK #6 (OF 6) – Marvel: The book none of us thought would ever see the light of day is finally coming out!  The finale to what is, arguably, the longest running damn 6-issue miniseries of all time!

WOLVERINE #72 – Marvel: The penultimate book to the Old Man Logan storyline.  In the last issue, a pretty major character got shot in the forehead.  The sad thing is that this isn’t the final book.  Giant Size Wolverine is, and who the hell knows when that will ever come out.  I’m kind of over the whole “giant size book to wrap up a delayed storyline” thing.

X-FORCE #15 XMW – Marvel: Messiah Complex is doing everything right when it comes to an X-Men crossover.  Stryfe, Apocalypse, Bishop, Cable, Deadpool….it’s like the late 90’s all over again!

DELLEC #0 – Aspen: The newest Aspen title comes with some pretty art and this zero issue is priced at a new-user friendly $1.99.

MOUSE GUARD WINTER 1152 #6 (OF 6) – ASP Comics: The final issue in the excellent Winter 1152 storyline of Mouse Guard!  Read more about it (well, what creator Dave Petersen would tell us anyway) here!

MUPPET ROBIN HOOD #1 (OF 4) & MUPPET SHOW #1 (OF 4) – Boom!: The cover of Muppet Robin Hood is done by Mouse Guard creator Dave Petersen and the book looks really darn good (check out Newsarama’s preview).  The Muppet Show is getting all kinds of good press, and the second printing comes out this week so you can jump on if you missed it the first time!

Infamous for the Playstation 3
Infamous for the Playstation 3

The Games You Should Buy!Infamous – Playstation 3: And not just because it includes a BETA for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (though that doesn’t hurt).  This game received a 9.2 rating from, and looks all kinds of incredible.  This may be the first time I can think of that they didn’t try to sucker people into buying a bad game by including a demo for a good one (except for Dino Crisis/Resident Evil 3).

What about you guys?  What are you picking up this week?