Because this movie poster screams quality horror.

Sorority Row, despite not being a film about naked college girls, apparently caught everyone’s interest this week when it was revealed that the film would be given an R rating.  According to ShockTillYouDrop,

According to an insider close to the production who shall remain nameless (but is at the top of the food chain), the film will be rated R for “strong bloody violence, language, some sexuality/nudity and some partying.” Interesting, because looking at the trailer you might automatically peg this one as a PG-13 thriller.

I’m actually not terribly surprised.  I know the trailer may give people a PG-13 vibe, but I got more of a My Bloody Valentine vibe off of it, and we know that one was a hard R.  Here’s the trailer:

I know everyone dislikes PG-13 horror films, but there have been some true gems that were PG-13 (Darkness Falls, The Ring), and hell, even Jaws was PG.  Still, this film being rated R can only help what really looks like a stupid film.  Since when does “let’s cut up the body” mean “stab her in the heart with a tire iron?”  Ugh.  And the Margot Kidder scene?

2 thoughts on “Wow…really? Sorority Row is rated R?

  1. Eh…I’ve seen a lot worse,the girls are hot at least!! Kinda looks like a I Know What You Did knockoff though…still I’ll probably check it out (and I have a feeling I know someone else will be joining me,if he isnt watching Zombies Halloween for the 50th time for some odd reason)…Could be worse,like a remake of Alien..What,their doing WHAT!! Ahhh sh*%!!!

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