Agent Orange

Every Wednesday (or Thursday ) from here until July 15th, the release date of DC Comics’ Blackest Night #1, we here at IoM will be presenting a history of each of the corps involved in the upcoming battle, as well as some background on the major players and the storylines leading up to the big event!

We started with the Green Lantern Corps, then followed up with the Red Lanterns, the Sinestro Corps, Blue Lanterns, and the Star Sapphires!  This week, we focus on the color of avarice, with Agent Orange!

Billions of years ago, when a group of criminals stole a mysterious box from the planet Maltus, the Guardians sent the Manhunters after them.  The criminals escaped into the Vega system, to the planet Okaara, where they found, within an ancient temple, the Power Battery for the orange light of Avarice.  As the criminals fought amongst themselves, consumed by greed, the Guardians and the Manhunters located them.  The guardians, in fear of the orange light’s power, offered the criminals a deal: if they returned the box to the Guardians, they’d get to keep the orange light, and the Guardians would stay out of the Vega system.  After agreeing to the deal, the criminals continued to battle amongst themselves, until only Larfleeze remained.

Hal Jordan vs. Agent Orange

In the “Agent Orange” storyline currently running in Green Lantern, the Controllers tried to take the orange light, to use it as a power source to create an army that would allow them to control the universe.  Instead, they were slaughtered by the Orange Light Corps, manifestations created by Larfleeze using the orange light’s power.

Larfleeze was angry at what he perceived to be a betrayal of the deal he had made with the Guardians (even though the Controllers were not affiliated with them), and sent one of his “avatars” to capture the Green Lantern Corps member Stel, who was pursuing a member of the Sinestro Corps into the Vega system.  Stel was captured, and Larfleeze branded him with the seal of “Agent Orange.” The Green Lanterns returned Stel to Oa, and a hologram of Larfleeze projected forth and confronted the Guardians about the attempt to steal the orange battery. Larfleeze refused to listen to their explanation, and declared that the treaty was broken, and that the Guardians would submit to his demands or face the wrath of the Agent Orange.

The Guardians and GLCorps took the battle to Larfleeze, assaulting Vega.  Hal Jordan, still sporting two rings (one blue/one green), joined the battle.  Larfleeze saw the ring and wanted it for his own.  He sliced off Jordan’s hand with the blue ring on it. With no wielder to connect mentally to, Larfleeze was able to transfer the blue ring to his own finger.

“Agent Orange” is currently running in Green Lantern!  Before Blackest Night #1, we’ll have a catch-up on the end of this storyline.

Agent Orange is capable of creating avatar Orange Lanterns of the beings he kills, literally stealing their identity postmortem. Agent Orange has the ability to absorb the energy of other rings by absorbing their constructs, including the power from the Guardians of Oa. They even can absorb mystical energies from magick practitioners such as Green Lantern Corps member Torquemada. It would appear however, that they are unable to steal the power of blue power rings. Blackest Night #0 indicates that the interaction between the Orange Light and the Indigo Light has yet to be revealed, insinuating that Orange rings may be unable to steal the Indigo light as well. Recently Larfleeze has taking the blue ring of hope from Hal Jordan and he is now apart of the Blue Lantern Corps. The effects of Agent Orange now wielding a orange and blue ring seeing as how according to the blue ring hope is selfless remains to be seen.

The Oath of Agent Orange has yet to be revealed…

Agent Orange
Agent Orange (click to enlarge)

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