Your new MetalloI call Brian Austin Greene “Derek Reese” from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles but, let’s be honest, we all call him “David Silver” when he’s not looking.  At least his career seems to be going well enough that he hasn’t done a guest stint on the new 90210 yet (has he?).

Anywho, Brian Austin Green has signed on to play John Corben in “at least” the first two episodes of the upcoming season of Smallville.  The question on my mind is to whether he’s actually playing Corben as Metallo, or if they’re settin up his character to later become Metallo.  Guess we’ll find out Friday, September 25th, when Smallville‘s season premiere airs.

While I’ll always Metallo as the voice of Malcolm McDowell from the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini Animated Series, I have to admit to actually being okay with this casting choice.  What say you?