Lots of amazing announcements today at E3 in LA, the most amazing of which seeming to be Microsoft’s Project Natal.  While not necessarily the “Wii-killer” everyone is undoubtedly going to call it (primarily because I don’t think this, combined with the 360 system, will be as affordable as a Wii), this is one amazing piece of technology.  Full body motion-capture, facial recognition, voice recognition, and the fact that you don’t even NEED a controller.  In addition, you can actually scan items you own for use in certain video games.  Check out the video below – if it even works half as good as this video makes me think it will, we’re in for some good times.

Even more goodies were announced (in addition to Left 4 Dead 2, which we mentioned earlier).  Check after the jump for some of the biggest announcements!

Metal Gear Solid Rising
Metal Gear Solid for the Xbox 360?  It’s true, though it sounds like we won’t necessarily be playing as (or possibly even seeing?) Solid Snake in this one.

Alan Wake is still coming…
Eventually.  Spring 2010, sounds like.  Twin Peaks and The X-Files were name dropped…but aren’t they always?  It can’t be any worse than Alone in the Dark.  Check out more screens at Kotaku.

Alan Wake
Alan Wake

That Halo 3 spin-off/expansion thingie will be 60 bucks…
But will be worth it, says Microsoft.  Includes a full single-player campaign, of course a ton of multiplayer (including a “Firefight” mode similar to the successful Gears of War 2 “Horde” Mode), more multiplayer maps for Halo 3, and some other stuff.  There’s also going to be a $100 collector’s edition that comes with a controller.  Apparently, a new Halo game is also in the works, entitled Halo: Reach, that appears to take place prior to the events of the original Halo.

Halo 3: ODST
Halo 3: ODST

It’s been 6 months.  Time for another LEGO game…
This one based on years 1-4 of the adventures of one Mr. Harold Potter.  My wife insists that Harry is his real name, not Harold.  Someone please correct her.

The Old Republic is very talkative…
Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO will be in all-talk (no text messages).  Wonder how that’ll work.  I guess no NPC’s will refer to you by name.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Monkey Island Returns!
And, saving the best for last, Lucasarts is not only remaking the original Monkey Island for Xbox Live, but Telltale Games is releasing Tales of Monkey Island, a five-episode monthly adventure game for Wiiware and the PC!

Monkey Island is coming to Wii, Xbox Live, and the PC
Monkey Island is coming to Wii, Xbox Live, and the PC

2 thoughts on “E3 Day One!

  1. I predict the Project Natal thing being a huge flop. The voice recognition is probably going to be just like those automated voices you get on help lines that you end up just yelling “AGENT AGENT AGENT AGENT AGENT” at until you’re put on the line with an Indian.

    The motion sensing is probably going to be laggy, unresponsive, and specific as all hell on where you need to be positioned in front of it and what kind of lighting in the room you need.

    Lastly, the amount of people who THINK they want to flail about in front of a TV (Look at me! I’m driving a race car! Vroom vroom!) compared to the amount who ACTUALLY want to, well, I can just see this being brushed under the rug and everyone pretending it never happened.
    Like that Live Anywhere thing from back when the 360 launched. “Oh christ, Mark’s playing Uno? Hey, hey Scott, Mark is playing goddamn Uno. He’s probably getting POINTS. Hold on, let me check. Yeah, he totally got more achievement points.”

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