E3: Lazy Sunday Videos…

You know, every year, the announcements at E3 get lamer and lamer (the Wii Vitality?  Really?), but the coverage of these crappy announcements gets better and better.  This year, you can practically watch the entire thing online!  We scoured the best of the best to get you guys the videos that are worth watching! Let’s […]

E3: Hideo Kojima is doing FOUR NEW GAMES!

Well, kinda.  He’s actually only working on three actual new games, and one that’s kind of a remake. Metal Gear Arcade: Essentially, Metal Gear Online that you can play in an arcade.  It’ll also incorporate the use of 3D glasses, which’ll probably get pretty yucky quickly from all that use. Metal Gear: Peace Walker: Revealed […]

E3, Day Two!

So what happened today at E3 in Las Vegas?  How about two more press conferences from the other two big gaming companies, Sony and Nintendo?  Was anything interesting announced?  Well, let’s see…. Super Mario Galaxy 2 The Wii Vitality Wii Fit Plus Super Mario Bros. Wii The Last Guardian God of War III’s release date […]

BC on E3

I was fortunate enough to sleep all day and have all the news just sitting there for me when I woke up. Here’s my take on a few things. Microsoft announced a new kind of motion sensor thing that’s supposed to cut out the need for a controller when playing games. It’s called Project Natal, […]

E3 Day One!

Lots of amazing announcements today at E3 in LA, the most amazing of which seeming to be Microsoft’s Project Natal.  While not necessarily the “Wii-killer” everyone is undoubtedly going to call it (primarily because I don’t think this, combined with the 360 system, will be as affordable as a Wii), this is one amazing piece […]