1987_predator_001When I was a kid, if I recall correctly, I think my sister’s room was the only one that had a VCR in it.  We used to gather in there on Saturday nights for family movie night.  Sometimes it would be something family-friendly, like Howard the Duck, or those Ewok TV Movies.  Other times though, we’d watch Aliens, or The Terminator.  We even got to watch the first fifteen minutes of Eddie Murphy Raw before my mom maded me leave the room because of the language.  Didn’t see the rest of that film for YEARS.

Anywho, one of favorite recollections of dad is going out to the movies during the week.  We used to have our guy movie nights and I remember one time him asking me what I wanted to see.  Well, there was a new movie out that had that guy from Conan and The Terminator out, and it had Carl Weathers, who I thought was cool, and some wrestler guy.  So, I chose that we go see Predator.  My dad took me to see Predator on a school night, and I LOVED it.  To this day, if I see if come up on TV, I watch it.  I owned it on VHS, twice on DVD (stupid double dips), and almost bought it on Blu-Ray the other day.  My dad started my fascination with fantasy, horror, and movies in general.  Without him (and my mom too!), there definitely wouldn’t be an Ideology of Madness!

One of my favorite movie going experiences with dad?  A triple feature of Lord of Illusions, The Prophecy, and The Usual Suspects.  On a day where we were supposed to be working!  Good times.

Happy Father’s Day!