Would you trust this guy with the future of your company?
Would you trust this guy with the future of your company?

So, according to Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood, it’s not looking good for The Weinsten Company.  Here’s some highlights:

Right now, everyone is still operating on the premise that TWC can come up with the $30 million or moreo marketing money budgeted for Inglorious Basterds. But that was before news came out that The Weinstein Company is on the brink (amid rumors the end could come in August) intenwsified by last week’s bad news that TWC has hired a financial advisory firm to restructure.

…a worst case scenario was always considered by Quentin’s people: What if TWC which has domestic didn’t have the resources to market and/or release the movie? Universal has foreign. Would it pick up the North America as well? Meanwhile, Universal is the distributor of the valuable domestic DVD rights on behalf of the 3-way partnership.

What this all means is that TWC is “hoarding whatever cash they have left to be able to release Inglorious Basterds,” a film financer analyzes. Tarantino’s film is scheduled for release August 21st.

Sounds like The Weinstein’s have a lot riding on a film that, while I can’t wait to see it, is probably not going to make them the money they’re hoping giving it’s violent content.  Things do not bode well!  I just hope this has no effect on the release of Inglorious Basterds.  I want my scalps!