Indy and Mutt, soon to be together again?

So, in a recent interview with the BBC, Mutt Williams himself, Shia Lebouf, says that Steven Spielberg “cracked the story” on a new Indiana Jones movie and that he thinks they’re “gearing that up.” I know there’s a lot of hate out there for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (some from Yours Truly), but it actually made $787 million dollars worldwide, so it was far from a bomb (it was second only to The Dark Knight in 2008).  So it totally makes sense that they might want to revisit the adventures of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. as soon as possible before Harrison Ford really is TOO old to reprise the role.

That being said, and trying to contain my excitement about another Indy film, the news is far from a guarantee that we’ll see another Indy movie anytime soon, if ever.  Keep in mind that Spielberg “craked the story” of Indy Jones 4 multiple times before George Lucas found one he agreed with, and, ultimately, he has final say on story.  So while it’s awesome news that there’s potential, and that they’re trying to get something off the ground, this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing Indy 5 in 2011, or anything like that.  Nor is there any guarantee that the film won’t instead focus on Mutt Williams, Indy’s son played by Shia.

Either way, here’s hoping we’ll be seeing another tale in the life of Indiana Jones sooner rather than later!