Trick R Treat
After a lengthy delay, we'll finally be seeing Trick r Treat!

Great news thanks to Fangoria!

Fresh from the just-finished TRICK ‘R TREAT panel at FANGORIA’s East Coast Weekend of Horrors (currently in-progress), our own Sam Zimmerman just phoned in an update on the film straight from filmmaker Michael Dougherty (X2, SUPERMAN RETURNS) and star Dylan Baker (FIDO, SPIDER-MAN 3).

First up, the long-awaited film will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray THIS OCTOBER! The exact date is still being determined, but you will finally be able to see and own the film in time for HALLOWEEN 2009!

Secondly, much like the recent REPO ROADSHOW promoting REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, the filmmakers are taking TRICK ‘R TREAT on the road from July through October!

Early cities confirmed so far:

  • Montreal, Canada at FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL
  • Toronto, Canada at TORONTO AFTER DARK
  • Morbido Festival in Mexico
  • Austin, TX at FANTASTIC FEST
  • San Francisco, CA
  • London, UK
  • Germany Fantasy Festival – Multiple cities
  • And “a certain event in July in San Diego that we can’t name for some reason.”

Third – The four-issue comic book previously announced from DC/Wildstorm will be released as a single Graphic Novel in October as well. Like the film, exact date TBA, but YOU WILL GET IT IN OCTOBER 2009!

Fourth – The TRICK ‘R TREAT soundtrack will be released in September!

Finally, new clips from the film and a brand-new trailer was screened at the panel. Right now we’re waiting for Michael and Dylan to jump on our live webcast, but we’ll be bringing you exact dates, artwork, and we should have the NEW trailer on the web next week!

I only pray Trick ‘r Treat isn’t as overrated as Drag Me to Hell, and that it truly will be worth the two year wait!  Hopefully I’ll be able to attend one of the dates on the road tour!