Mark Pellegrino
Mark Pellegrino

I can’t lie, despite liking the actor chosen to the Devil in season five of Supernatural, I’m a little disappointed.  See, according to, Mark Pellegrino (from Lost and Dexter) will be playing Lucifer when Supernatural comes back on September 10, 2009.  Again, I like Pellegrino – he played a great sleaze on Dexter, and I have no idea who he played on Lost.  But my disappointment comes in that, given how Supernatural seemed to try and do things a little different from the norm, and the way season five ended, I was actually expecting the Devil to be a big monster, something truly epic.  Instead, it seems like we’ll get the more common sleazy-guy kind of Devil.  Couldn’t we have gotten something more akin to Tim Curry in Legend?  Maybe that’s asking for too much, given budgetary constraints.  Still, it’s Supernatural, so I’ve got faith.

Besides, shouldn’t they just Ray Wise?  He played the Devil so well in Reaper.  I smell a crossover!

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