Luke Meyer... Relevant?

In this week’s episode of Kicked in the Dice Bags, show host Jonathan Landreth and guest A. David Pinilla (Podge Cast, Back Seat Producers) ask the question: Is Luke Meyer still relevant in this industry?

“If it’s up to me,” Landreth said, “Luke will be the last person from the Podge Cast that we have on.”

Landreth, Pinilla (pronounced like “vanilla,” but with a “P”), and co-host Kristin speak explicitly on this topic as well as on the subjects of boycotting Bear Swarm’s Mike, balancing podcast persona against professional image, and anal hygiene.

Luke Meyer (IoM Columnist) could not be reached for comment.  Not about the anal hygiene thing, but the relevancy issue.

Watch this space for my complete review of Kicked in the Dice Bagscoming soon!