The View-Master
The View-Master

Yeah, it’s true.

Co-producer and writer for Fringe, Brad Caleb Kane, will be writing a feature-length movie about the View-Master toy.  Also behind the film are Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who seem to be behind every big budget blockbuster nowadays, don’t they?

Kane namedrops films like Goonies and Young Sherlock Holmes, which is probably a bad idea, because there’s no way this flick is going to live up to Young Sherlock Holmes.

What I’d like to know is…is Hollywood really this strapped for ideas?  What’s next?  Toaster Oven, The Movie? I’ve got about a billion ideas that I’d like to see turned into movies before View-Master.  Still, it’s surprising the big name talent they pulled into this one.  Will sales of View-Masters really increase based on this movie?  Time will tell.

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