cell_stephenkingEver since Eli Roth announced that he was no longer helming the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell, I kind of lost interest in it.  After all, the book itself, about how a virus transmitted via cell phone turns everyone into 28 Weeks Later-type zombies, just didn’t connect with me.  By the time it was released, it felt unoriginal, as if someone had taken one of the many recent zombie movies, and just thrown Stephen King-esque characters into it.

Unfortunately, the news just doesn’t appear to get better for this adaptation as, according to Fangoria, Cell will now premiere as a four-hour miniseries.  I’m guessing that the violence/language/sex quotient of the tale will depend on whichever station picks up the rights to air the show (my bet is either on ABC or SyFy).  John Harrison, responsible for the new Books of Blood movie based on Clive Barker’s book, is scripting the Cell adaptation, and makes special note of how well the opening chapters of the book will make for a great first thirty minutes.  Now to concentrate on the other 3 1/2 hours, and we’re set!