Which of these Flashes will make it to the big screen?

DC really needs to step up their movie game.  I mean, sure, The Dark Knight may be the #2 highest grossing movie of ALL time, but, other than Batman, DC’s superheroes have a hard time making it to the big screen, if they ever do at all.  One project that’s been sitting in development hell for a little while is The Flash.  At one time set to be written/directed by David Goyer and starring Ryan Reynolds, that fell through a couple of years back, and the project has been pretty quiet since then.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Geoff Johns is going to be a producer, and has turned in a written treatment, for The Flash movie.  Despite my dislike of The Flash: Rebirth, I’m pretty excited about this recent development.  I’m a little bummed that Reynolds is now playing Green Lantern and won’t be available to play The Flash.

What about you guys?  Time for some casting fun…who would you like to see as Barry Allen?