Last year, the DTV horrorfest that was Ghost House Underground was a real treat for me.  Eight direct to DVD horror films, all pretty decent in quality, were released simultaneously by the Sam Raimi-backed company, including No Man’s Land: The Rise of Reeker, Room 205, and Brotherhood of Blood.  This year, GHU looks to only be releasing four films, but they’re stepping up their game by releasing 4 films that fans have been waiting for, and including a Blu-Ray release of all four films!

The films are The Children (check out our review here); Offpsring, based on the Jack Ketchum book; The Thaw, an environmental horror film about a prehistoric parasite released because of global warming with Val Kilmer; and Seventh Moon from Blair Witch director Eduardo Sanchez, and starring Amy Smart.

Check out the picture below of all four titles, which are now available for pre-order on Amazon at $13.99 each for the DVD’s, and $20.99 for the Blu-Ray versions.  Last year, though, Best Buy had a better deal than Amazon, so you may want to wait for that.  Look for them to hit store shelves October 6th, 2009!

This year's Ghost House Underground titles.