My friendly neighborhood comic shop, the Eisner Award winning Zeus Comics is launching a new web series.  The Variants tells the story of  “…the war waged between retailers at your typical comic book store and their customers.”

For instance…

Now there’s a little bit of truth to the whimsy above.  If you follow the real life Barry on Twitter, you’ll be exposed to some fantastic snark concerning his customers on a daily basis.  Some of my favorites:

  • “Hey sir, what can I get for a dollar?” (waves dollar at us) Me: “Nothing in here.” (the usual glare)
  • Occasionally I have to restock old issues of X-FORCE. Sometimes I skim them. Oh, the horror. THE HORROR.
  • When I say “everything except for new comics” it’s probably a safe bet that thing you’s pointing at that isn’t a new comic is on sale.

Outlandish scenarios unfold regularly at the comic shop and those stories have made themselves into episodes, such as the time Zeus bought a dead man’s comics from his friends to fund his funeral. Or the customer who refused to call red-haired Keli anything but “Mary Jane,” after Spider-Man’s girlfriend.

This looks to be awfully funny.  Plus, topless girls!