Sources: AICN and SuperheroHype!

Coming soon from director Sam Raimi!

So you don’t have to read three paragraphs of how great AICN is before you get to the actual paragraph of news, we’re here to tell you that none other than SAM RAIMI will be directing the upcoming World of Warcraft movie!  Will this come to fruition, or fizzle out like so many other movie tales?  That remains to be seen.  I’ve not been too kind on Raimi’s output these past couple of years, but I think him doing a WoW movie would certainly be pretty damn interesting.  I’m not too familiar with WoW, despite my want to me.  Just a lack of time and the hope that one day, that DC MMO will finally come out and take what little free time I have left.

As for the other news?  Ryuhei Kitamura, who directed Midnight Meat Train (and did quite an excellent job) will be directing the big screen adaptation of Magdalena, based on the Top Cow comic book, and starring Jenna Dewan, who recently married the guy playing Duke in the G.I. Joe movie.  For those unfamiliar with the comic, the Magdalena is a descendant of the big JC and Mary Magdalene who pretty much kicks demon/vampire booty for the lord!  Oh yeah, Luke Goss is supposed to be in the flick too.

Expect more news as ComicCon ramps up tomorrow.  Speaking of which, SuperHeroHype has some pretty sweet SDCC floor pics here.  Check ’em out!