Having seen the trailer for Universal’s upcoming The Wolfman film, I can say I’m sufficiently hyped.  Though you pretty much see the ENTIRE damn movie in the trailer, it sure does look pretty awesome.  I’m really disappointed that it was delayed from its original November release date to February 2010, but horror-type movies typically do better in February than they do in November, so maybe it was a smart move.

Remember when Columbia Pictures did those kinda remakes of the classic Universal monsters, but kept them closer to the original books?  We had the masterpiece that was Bram Stoker’s Dracula, followed by the just-as-excellent (IMHO) Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and then they ended it with … that piece of sh*t that was Wolf.  I understand that The Wolfman isn’t based on a novel, per se, but still!  That movie was not only nothing like the original, it was crap!  Well, looks like we will finally get a good Wolfman movie.  I hope this does well, so we can finally see that Creature from the Black Lagoon flick they’ve been teasing us about for years.

Check out the trailer for The Wolfman below (warning … may be blocked at work if your job sucks.  Just sayin’)!