Listeners to Ideology of Madness’ podcast, Funny Books with Aron & Paulie, will recall Jonathan Landreth had a lot to say about comics on his podcast, Kicked in the Dicebags, after our first episode.  Jonathan was out of comics for a lengthy period.  Listening to Funny Books, got him back into the hobby.

We’ve invited Jonathan to write about what he’s reading…

CaptainAmerica601A Very “Special” Issue of Captain America #601.

This comic pretty much has Captain America in World War II fighting vampires. Its narrated by Bucky, so Captain America isn’t really in this issue except the flashbacks to WWII. Apparently, this Cap’ is like the modern day Captain America; he has a modern look, and a modern attitude. It wasn’t very interesting or original, they basically just fought vampires. You don’t learn anything about Captain America from this flashback, so what was the point of the story?  What makes it special? Its like a Captain America anecdote.


This is a pass. If I wanted to read about vampires, I’d read Blade.

agentsofatlas9Agents of Atlas #8-9.

I’ve got one question, why? Why is this book part of the Marvel Universe, it doesn’t belong!  The Agents of Atlas are a group of pulpy pseudo-superheroes, interacting with characters from the Marvel Universe.While I am not opposed to pulp, I just don’t feel it has a place amongst the universe Marvel has created up until this point. I respect the writers for what they are trying to do, and the stories aren’t bad. But I would have more buy-in if these characters were part of their own separate reality, and NOT fighting the Hulk.


This is a love it or hate it type of book. If you are into old looking robots and talking gorillas that fly around in a UFO, this book is for you. The stories are decent but the characters are out of place for the Marvel Universe.

DarkWolverine75Dark Wolverine #75-76.

This was one of the first comics I picked up thinking that I would hate it.Wolverines son? Seriously? How interesting could that be? As it turns out, he is quite an interesting character, who I believe can hold up in his own in on going series. These two issues are a character study of Daken. Unlike his father, who has been known for his savage furry, you come to find that Daken is more refined, intelligent, and much more manipulative. I have so much to say about this character in the two issues I have read, I would look for an upcoming character spotlight on Daken.


If you haven’t bought this you must be reading something crappy like, I dont know, a random DC comic book.

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