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A. David Pinilla presented the awards.

When folks think about awards at Gen Con, the Ennies generally come to mind.  The Ennies are nice sure – if you’re into popularity contests.  Nominees are selected by a panel of judges, but the winners are selected by fan popular vote.  It’s kind of a People’s Choice Award for the RPG-set.  Far more prestigious and notable, though, are the Outties.

The Outties are honors awarded by the good folks at Spooky Outhouse Productions a network of which IdeologyofMadness.com is a member.  Nominees and winners are selected by a secret cabal, that once their decision is rendered, they are assassinated and the bodies rendered to their base  mineral components and re-introduced to the eco-system.  The Outties strive to remain Earth friendly.

It is a noble death, an honored sacrifice.(*)

The awards were presented by Spooky Outhouse Muckety-Muck, A. David Pinilla.

The winners of the first ever Outtie awards:

  • Brant from the TrapCast for “Most Shit Done for Someone Else;”
  • Josh & Zeke from the Brilliant Gameologists for “Best Anal and Cumshot;”
  • Rob Justice and Artemis Knight from The Bear Swarm for “Coolest Podcaster Names;” and
  • Aron Head from Ideology of Madness for “Documenting A. David Pinilla’s Life in Uncomfortable Detail.”

Ideology of Madness’ official press release concerning this honor:

We are thrilled to be recognized for doing what we do best, writing disquietingly personal things about b-list internet celebrities.  It’s wonderful to be appreciated for the extensive work we do building our success on the pain of others.  While it’s an honor to be nominated for such, it is much more satisfying to actually win.  Suck it, Ennies.


(*) The Outties are now accepting application for 2010 award judges.  Please comment below to nominate yourself or a friend.